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Yes, I do get the newsletter from "Vacations to Go"... As for Bon Appetit, Paul I have been a subscriber for more y ears than I care to remember, maybe I let it lapse for a short time, but very short. One of my favorite recipes was from their November or December issue.. a chocolate cake with fondant ribbon of dark and white chocolate on top.. it took three of us to make the bows..and it was the hit of a Xmas Party..We even sent them a picture of the cake.. My carrot soup, broccoli soup, butternut squash, apple and cranberry recipe come from there and oh yes, my spinach, strawberry salad.. Still in the recesses of my basement I have bound copies going back to I think the 70's.. I've given many away and now I just keep the Thanksgiving and Xmas issues..and of course some of the yearly books they put out..Gourmet IMO didn't have the following because of the "exotic" ingredients they expected you to have in your kitchen. Nowadays at least on the East Coast my favorite are the Cook's llustrated and their newest ads.. basically a primer for cooking by a man who I have read believes his is the ONLY way.. After all these years of cooking I enjoy coming up with a new recipe..just found one for a vegetarian friend...linguine with lemon sauce. BTW just found an interesting and easy recipe for Mac and Cheese in a magazine called "Cooking Club".. But, back to travel magazines..guess I forgot to add that I love the National Geographic Traveler too.. Sometimes you skim through the travel magazines, but often I notice something hits your eye.. especially in the cruise magazine, even Parrot Pop eagerly reads that much to my amusement.. I should hope that travelers b e they land or cruise do some reason and have subscriptions to several magazines.. and support them. Besde the other usual..I get ...This Old House..that I skim through, but I have a personal interest in one of the people.

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