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getting back to common courtesy...

I am going to drop the rule of one per message because I think we are getting a little bogged down..

Please list as many as you can think of now - and thank you!

1. Do not 'reserve' deck chairs, especially unintentionally. Only leave a towel on a deck chair if you plan to occupy it within the next 15-minutes (as long as it takes to go to your cabin and back). I think that any deck chaor with a towel on it that remains unused for 15 minutes should be fair game. Let's call it the CruiseMates rule of deck chairs.

2. Don't cut in lines, wait your turn. Personally, I think this especially applies when you have a long line of people and you have a long question. Once again, I want comments on a "CruiseMates rule" - if your question is urgent and requires no more than a 5-second answer, or if you are in the buffet and just need a pat of butter, you should be allowed to ask someone if they mind if you cut in.

3. If you are in a line and you are waiting for something to be done (cooking an omelette or an aid making copies of your statement) stand aside so other people can proceed.

4. Be quiet in the hallways - no exceptions

5. Notify your tablemates if you will not be coming to dinner. Realistically, this is not always possible, so the CruiseMates rule is that if you are at dinner and you have been waiting more than 10 minutes you should go ahead and order. I am sure the late party would have wanted you to do so anyway.

6. No children in the hot tubs. They may not be a clean as they should be and hot tubs can breed bacteria. Personally, I tend to avoid them and definitely keep the water below my neck when I do use them.

7. Respect local cultures - dress properly for their houses of worship. Hint: in Jewish temples the head is covered, in Christian churches the hat is always off. No shoulders or thighs should be showing.

8. Let people off of elevators before you try to get on. Another point of elevator courtesy not mentioned; fill the levator when you get in, don't stand in the middle - go to the back or sides, make room for people.

9. Show compassion for the disabled or elderly; allow them to get on the elevator if you can walk. Hold the door open for them. Don't hold elevators while your spouse goes back to get her purse. Don't let kids hit all the buttons.

10 - keep your voice down if you are in proximity of a lecture or tour guide. People may be straining to hear the speaker anyway. They don't need you adding to the din of noise.

Any More Common Courtesy Tips???????
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