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Default Same reaction

Isn't it funny, the same people "dis" Conde Naste this year as last.. Now, National Georgraphic Traveler (guess some might call me an elitist)..rate the Worlds Great Destinations... and unless you've read the magazine none of you will guess. It is a destination I hope go to next year before the rest of the cruise industry decides its "the" destination their people want to see, No. 5 is in the US and because cruise ships and cruisers havent' added it to their bucket lists remains unspoiled and doens't have a port Thank G-d Just out of curiousity.... why are posters to this question so NEGATIVE. (usually the same ones if I go back a year). for opinions not their own by a well respected travel magazine..Are you all smarter or are YOU the ones with the elitest attitude of only YOU know what is right.. I'm serious ....all of you

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