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I think some of the folks who can sniff out a smoker on a balcony down on the other end of the ship with a 30 knot breeze going should seek employment with the customs people snagging coke mules.

Just so everyone knows how this crap is trickling down and making more folks agitated I just came back from the Ruby and the cigar lounge was frequently taken over by groups of rude chain-smoking Europeans who would obnoxiously steal ash trays, hog seats, and have loud conversations in foreign languages, presumably because there were not many places on the promenade that allowed smoking. It’s a CIGAR LOUNGE NOT A SMOKING LOUNGE. I can’t tell you how many times I have tried to enjoy a cigar in places that allowed cigarettes only to be told I couldn’t. But being a considerate person I have always accommodated other people to a certain extent.

The folks who harp on this second hand smoke stuff need to do some reading up on what “time weighted averages” (TWAs) and “permissible exposure levels” (PELs) are. You all probably inhale more carcinogens standing near the gas fill port when you gas up your car every couple days than you do by getting a wift of someone smoking 20-50 feet away from you in an outdoor area with a breeze going every once in a while.

I have an idea. I will take up a donation next time I take a cruise and will take along a Summa canister and timed regulator which I use from time to time to collect air samples and sit it on my balcony for 12 hrs where I may enjoy a cigar from time to time. I will then have it analyzed. If they will allow me on the ship with the little a-bomb looking canister it will cost a couple hundred dollars to analyze. The analysis has a resolution of parts-per-billion. I will then post the results and permissible limits for each compound.

/Rant off/


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