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I agree that the polls published in the various travel magazines leave much to be desired. I saw a Porthole Magazine poll form that was so convoluted, no one could have filled it out accurately even if they tried! I would guess that many just picked what they PERCEIVED was right for a particular line or ship. I must say, that I agree with Nurse Debra (now THERE'S a first!), in the end, it always comes down to individual preferences.

I would say that I find the most helpful poll, although it's really not a poll, are the "rate your ship" polls on Cruisemates. I like them because they reflect what people think about the ships they have sailed, & while everyone's lies & dislikes may differ, the fact that the opinions are form so many people give you a good idea on the different aspects of a particular ship.

Oh, & I also think that Conde Nast is kind of an elitist magazine, & trying to wade through page after page of advertisements for products that I'll never be able to afford just became too much for me & I finally let my subscription expire.
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