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Question OK I'll Bite

Since you are a local expert perhaps you can answer a few questions. There was a company in Acapulco called Turismo Intersol that had a website called Intersol Tours.

But back in May of 2009 the owner of Turismo Intersol stole nearly $3,000 US Dollars from clients that prepaid for services before the H1N1 Swine Flu scare.

His name was Sergio Rodriguez. A real winner that one. I understand they folded up operations in Acapulco and ran to Mexico City.

For some time there was a rumor that they teamed up with a guy named Rudy from Tour by Van. You know, the guy with counterfeit tour badges on his website?

Anyway - There are quite a few people that would like to contact him to get their money back. But it is funny because the phone numbers he has listed online are out of order and he does not answer the cell phone recently listed online.

Do you have current contact information for him?

Oh, by the way - I see you are also posting on Cruise Critic. Good luck with that.
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