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Default I have to ask.......

Our Mike is just home off the Radiance, and I just read a post he had on chit chat....I can't wait to hear all about his cruise, but, one line I pulled out of the post, made me mad,and, sad...

Quote..."Sorry but the only good meal I've had is the hamburger from room service." So, I pose this question like the old, "point, counterpoint" segment on 60 Minutes...

How long do you continue to cruise on a line that is not up to par, on an integral part of the cruising experience.. The Food!

If you went to a restaurant on land, and you walked away unhappy, but, heard such good things, you decided to give them another try, and again, walked away having a bad meal, would you go back again? I bet the answer would be no!

I am a big fan of RCI, but, admittedly, it's been a while since I cruised them, so I cannot really remember our dining experience, except to say, I never went hungy. But should Mike's remark, or that of so many other cruisers, with talk of just so so food, be something that RCI, is complacent about, as it seems they are, with these comments going back years now.

Should the expressions, oh, you can find someting to eat, or, you can order another entree, if yours was not right, be one so bandied about?

So, I ask, does the food, just not matter so much anymore? Does everything else RCI offers on theirs ships trump the so so food? Was your food on your recent cruise ho hum. or can you honestly say it was wonderful?

Do you think RCI should get their act together, so, returning cruisers could be giving kudos to the food, as well as the ship itself?

Just asking......

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