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The basic game is really not hard.

First roll of the dice:

2-3-12 player looses, called "crapped out."
7 or 11 Player wins, roll is over
4-5-6-8-9-10 now this will be your point and from then on the only thing that matters is that your point number happens before a 7 comes up.

If a 7 comes up you seven ed out and lose.
If your point comes up you win.

That's the basic game. Forget the field, hardways and anything they advertise vocally.

Learn the basic game first and then learn to take the odds behind the pass line and that's all for now.

Next step is to take full odds behind the pass line. That's the whole game while you're at this stage.

Play basic craps and take full odds behind the pass line.

Next lesson, after you understand that is the come bet. Master the pass line bet first.

Stay away from the field and the bets in the middle for sure.

It's a fun game and exciting. Enjoy.

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