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Originally Posted by You View Post
For those who've been to Alaska before--what's the weather like in early Aug?? Just planning ahead to see what we're going to need to bring on cruise. are t-shirts/shorts ok or would long pants and sweatshirts be more appropriate?? (this is NOT obviously for any dining room attire other than maybe the HC.--wasn't asking for that)
we probably should take light jacket or heavy sweater?? how about on ship?? is it too cold to swim?? etc. Went to caribbean 5 years ago and about melted anytime I went outside cabin. Next cruise I was running (around) so much that I barely noticed the weather ! (are the pools heated? or is the water freezing?? just curious never been to alaska before.
Let's go area by area.

>> The southern end of Alaska's Inside Passage is a temperate rain forest. Ketchikan is the wettest city in North America, averaging over 250 days of rain (thankfully, mostly light...) per year, and rain is also reasonably likely in Juneau. Also, the temperatures tend to be somewhat cool (60's) in this area, especially when it's raining. You probably will want a sweater or sweatshirt, a waterproof windbreaker, and a hat. You probably will not want to wear shorts in this region.

>> The area around Skagway tends to be warmer and sunnier, with typical daytime temperatures in the upper 70's. You probably won't need a jacket unless it's rainy, and shorts are a toss-up.

>> The bays around glaciers are chronically full of ice water (temp. 32 deg. F, 0 deg. C), thanks to the calving action of the glaciers, and the air above those bays is not much warmer (typically upper 30's F, lower single digits C). In these areas, you probably will want a winter jacket, hat, and gloves.

>> The areas around Anchorage and Fairbanks tend to have very pleasant weather, often sunny, with daytime temperatures in the 80's and evening temperatures dropping to the upper 60's. These areas do get occasional showers, though, so be prepared for that possibility. In these areas, shorts will be welcome in the daytime.

So basically, my recommendation is to pack a couple pairs of shorts and a couple pairs of slacks for daytime wear during the cruise. This will give you the flexibility to adapt to varying weather conditions.

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