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Concerning disembarkation and THEN a journey to Miami, here's what our travel agent advised us:

Our cruise begins and ends in Fort Lauderdale.

The travel agent insisted that we should NOT book a flight from Fort Lauderdale any earlier than noon, and this is when the port and the airport are within a few miles of one another. As with planes, he advised (insisting this came from generous experience with Fort Lauderdale as a departure point), so also with disembarkation: there can be delays out of the passengers' or the ship's control. Rather, he advised us to book a flight in the early afternoon (at the earliest). So, we booked a flight from FLL back home departing the airport at 2:00 PM local time.

Now, you're wanting to depart from Fort Lauderdale airport at 11:00 AM, right? Ordinarily, you'd need to get to the airport a minimum of 30 minutes before flight time, and more likely an hour before flight time to be on the safe side (traffic jams, auto wrecks on the freeway, etc.). Which means you'd need to depart the port, luggage in hand, with enough time to get to Fort Lauderdale's airport by 10:00 AM.

Our TA tells us that disembarkation does not actually get underway until around 8:00 AM.

Unless he's spinning fables, I don't see how you can make it from Miami to Fort Lauderdale in time to catch an 11:00 AM flight.
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