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Originally Posted by by_the_board View Post
Out of curiosity and having plenty of free time I would like to take a poll. After you have consumed food in your cabin either from room service or from the Lido deck, what do YOU do with the dirty dishes?

A. Take them to the lido deck buffet

B. Leave them in your cabin

C. Place them in the hallway

I practice A & B

Personally I am grossed out looking at trays with dirty dishes and leftover food sitting in the hallway. This practice also creates more work for the steward who has to clean the food off the hallway carpet after someone trips over it.

What are your thoughts on the subject?
On RCCL i place the food in the hallway out of the way and then call the room service number that usually on your try and tell them you are done and have tray in hallway and usually they are they to pick it up usually 20-30 mins i would say on average... I just read the end of your thread and someone else already spoke of this as well. Like i said usually there was a business card size note with a phone number on it.
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