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Quote "Like i said usually there was a business card size note with a phone number on it."

I have to honestly say I have never seen such a card. It's the first time hearing about it. Although the last time I cruised RCI was 2001. On my last cruise on Carnival, there were no such instructions anywhere, or on the menu.

I usually had a late night hamburger on Carnival, but the grille had such weird hours that bringing the tray back would have been hard, because the place was closed up tight by the time I finished. I think it was open from 11:30pm-1am or something silly like that.

On this note: I have a friend who cruised RCI, then Carnival. He won't do Carnival again, because of the odd food hours, especially the grill hours. (On RCI the grill is open all day until 4am) I have to agree with him on this.
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