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Good thing he didn't pass gas and smoke at the same time--he could have really made your life miserable.
I was in Kroger's once and saw a " lady " jump a guy over smoking --the guy had a white ink pen in his hand and was studying a list and absent mindfully put the pen up to his mouth--the lady was a socker mom type with her 2 kids running hell west and crooked all over the store without any supervision on her part but that was no problem-- she didn't seem concerned they might get hurt, hurt someone, etc. but when she thought this guy was smoking, she suddenly became interested in the welfare of her kids-- rudely informing him the store was non smoking and she would notify management of his smoking.
He looked stunned for a minute or so and then informed her he had an ink pen in his hand not a cigarette and told her what part of his anatomy she could kiss. She looked like she could crawl under the tile on the floor and hurried off. I don't blame him for what he said to her.
Sometimes we can get a little over zealous in our police actions.
Breathing hair spray, nail polish, polish remover and assorted sprays, perfumes, etc. that people use are probably just as bad for you as getting a whiff of smoke now and then. And no, I'm a non smoker. I won't stay where it's smoky and don't want people blowing smoke in my face or my direction but being outside or on a balcony on a moving ship when someone nearby is smoking isn't a bother to me.
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