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Kevin, Have lots of fun on the Epic. It is going to be great fun because
the bedroom does have a round window to see the promenade deck.
What I think is fantastic is that you have access to a SINGLES Livingroom just for the people who booked those cabins.

I think it is a fantastice idea. I may get a friend to try cruising with me on that ship.... even if I have to fly to Florida.

Vincev, it is true that there are cheapy cruises on different ships but what I really like is that at least 128 singles will be in those cabins with access to the Living room to get to know some of the singles better.

The cruiseline can set it up for those solos to sit together at dinner time. too. That would be great.

I have already booked a beautiful Cat.-1-A cabin on the Carnival Splendor for Halloween. I only paid $553. total price for my cabin. I love the Splendor and have already cruised 4 times on it. Plus, I don't have to fly.

You are so lucky to be living in Florida so you can go on any ship at a great rate.

I think the EPIC costs more but I like the great idea that they are catering to Singles and solo cruisers. LucyR.
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