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Hi There

I was a purser on CCL for 4 years.
Had the time of my life.!! You will love it... you will work hard but play hard too!
I got mesured for my uniform in Miami the day before we signed on the ship. We went to head office to meet Mr Steedman, and then went for uniform fittings - they then got forwarded to the ship.

We wore smart clothes for purser college until the uniforms arrived.
Don't worry about the uniform, it will get sorted for you.

You will as a purser, have to wear you uniform in guest areas at all times.

If you go out to the bars, supper clubs, disco, or shows etc in the evening, you will have to wear your blue formal uniform.

If its a port day and you are onboard and want to eat on Lido for example, you will have to wear your whites.
Emma xox
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