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Originally Posted by luv2cruiserccl View Post
People we are only talking a few min's difference from going from the port of Miami to MIA which is 14min's and port of Miami to FLL is 31 min's so its only 14 min's per yahoo maps and its all highway. So i would not count out not going to fll over 14 mins...... Only thing i noticed thou that approx taxi fares are quite a difference. port of Miami to MIA approx $24.00 and port of Miami to FLL approx $70.00 so that's approx $46.00 not sure of that's per person or not... I would think the cruise line transfer "might" be cheaper i would call and check. I found the taxi info of the port of Miami's web page
I don't think Yahoo Maps is taking into consideration the traffic in Miami or on the interstate highway between FLL and MIA. The last 2 times I attended Cruise360 in FLL, I rented a car and visitied my buddy that works for RCI, and both times it took me well over an hour to get from the FLL airport to his office in the RCCL building, which is at the Port of Miami. I recall there being a traffic tie up every time, and I've never made it from the MIA airport ot the Port in 14 minutes on any of my cruises, about a half an hour has been my experience with traffic and security.

That is not saying the OP couldn't make it, maybe they have relieved the traffic or when the OP returns from their cruise the traffic will be light that day. What I and most others are saying, is you cannot COUNT on light traffic and making that trip in 31 minutes. There are just way too many variables here; will the ship arrive in port on time? Will the ship get cleared and get through Customs and Immigration in time? Will I get an early disembark from the ship? Will my bus or shuttle leave early enought to get to FLL? WIll the traffic cooperate on my drive to FLL? How long will it take to get through security at FLL? Virtually everything would have to fall into line perfectly to make an 11am flight out of FLL from the Port of Miami. I'm not saying it couldn't happen, but just some things for the OP to think about when they decide what flight to book.

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