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Well, Yes I know Rudy and Sergio, Rudy is a tour guide that operates outside the ship terminal, I have seen some good comments about him and some other not so good, and this is what I can say: As a tour guide he is good, the likes his job, and is very professional, as the way how he operates his business I do not have idea. I do not talk to him very often. Now, about Sergio, He is also a tour guide that works outside the ship terminal, I did not have any idea about this. I came back from ATL 7 months ago so I am not familiar with the business he had or in what he was involved into. I can say he has a website in, google it, search for : Acapulco tour guides.
Now you, my friends, understand why I always say it is better to hired authorized tour guides from inside the ship terminal?. At least, they are under the sight and control of the ship terminal administration, and anything happening to you while using these guy´s services can be handle professionally and in your best behalf.
I believe that also those who are interested can contact Rudy and ask for Sergio, if he is working with him he might give you more info about sergio.
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