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Originally Posted by criminal_minds View Post
I wouldn't click the link above it looks like a virus page.

Any cab starts at 25 pesos if it is a blue and white bug on the Costera. Don't use a port taxi unless you want to pay triple or more. It just is not worth it.

Walk to the street - hail a blue and white. You can hire many of the drivers for about 200 pesos an hour. And yes, any cab driver can take you any place a tour guide can go.

No. Acapulco is not unsafe unless you make it that way. Being on a bad street alone in the middle of the night drunk could get you in trouble. Other than that - don't worry. Acapulco people are really pretty cool.

Well, i will say that the small taxis are VW, and as U say they can take U to any place the tour guide go, but most of the local drivers do not speak English, and their taxis have not a/c,. So what U pay is what U get, U can go so cheap as taking the local bus or having a tour guide, a/c van, and some one who speaks English.
It´s up to U, but do not say that is not worth it. These guys invest too much money in their vehicles to have something good to offer to the tourists, and they take courses every year to upgrade their knowledge.

People is very friendly, if by any chance U get in trouble, the locals are prompt to help, Acapulqueños have the goal to protect the tourist, feel safe walking in the city. If U see police men on the streets, the reason is cause the gov is giving all the protection needed to keep your safety, do not feel intimidated by these guys, they are there to assist U.

By the way, the website above is valid web. no virus.
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