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Default How to prepare for tipping?

My question does NOT involved the $11pppd service charges that Holland America automatically inclues in the cost of the cruise. And, I'm not asking about the rationale or justifications for tipping. This is a how-to query only.

Context: a seven night, western Caribbean cruise on Holland, with four ports of call.

I wish to go prepared with a sufficient number of dollar bills in order to give small tips, say, to the room service chap who delivers coffee to the room in the morning. But, as this is my first cruise, I'm ignorant of similar situations where I might wish to do the same.

If you were going to board the ship with cash for this purpose ($1 bills to allow for maximum flexibility on my part), how much would you carry on board for a seven night, four port cruise?

Thanks, till sparrows weigh a ton.
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