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Default What to do in Acapulco

Originally Posted by elvirarodriguez View Post
HI, I will be more than glad to answer all the questions you might have about Acapulco, my town. Weather, currency, what to do, food, news, etc. anything you are concern about.

Acapulco has too much to offer, and people is so friendly!.

So, Iīm here to clear your doubts.

Letīs start with the pier location, the pier is located 5 to 10 minutes far away from the downtown also well known as the zocalo, there are plenty of shops around this area, pharmacy and post office are near by. I have to mention that you must buy mail stamps at the post office only, inside the ship terminal thereīs not shop selling them. To mail your post cards you can either do it at the post office or drop them in the mail box outside the ship terminal. Inside the ship terminal there are jewelry shops, Mexican arts and crafts shops, pharmacy, bar, INTERNET and long distance services, information desk, tour-guides desk. No wifii or free wireless.

Tour guides from inside the terminal operate as taxis too, i should mention that their rates are a little higher than the local taxis outside the terminal (VW), but this is the reason why, first of all, tour guides inside the ship terminal speak English, have a/c vans for 10 to 15 passengers, taxis outside are small vw, no a/c and is rare that the driver speaks English, so it is better to be in the comfort zone and safe.

Now, if you do not want to spend money in a tour, there is a shuttle service, round trip, to the cliff divers which has a cheaper cost. This is also a service inside the ship terminal.

Walking to the divers? 35 minutes walking distance from the pier, not flat land. Safe? just like any other city, same safety rules: do not talk to strangers, do not wear jewelry, do not take your important documents with you, and in case of any problem the locals are very friendly.
We all care about tourists, so we all try to help.

Well until the next posts, I hope this tips help you when visiting Acapulco.
Here is a web site that can help you with some concerns about Acapulco and tour guides:

Acapulco Sun and Sand

see you in Acapulco!
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