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Unhappy Jeans on Celebrity

As a woman of a certain size, shape and age...I find it offensive that a man tells me what to wear and what I shouldn't wear...I would NEVER, EVER wear jeans into the dining room on a Celebrity ship or for that matter on any ship.. It is rude and disrespectful to other diners.. With the weight limits (if your flying) its very difficult to take for me the dresses and outfits I really would like to wear. I've seen people, men and women who I judge are wearing the same clothes almost everyday. To me cruising is supposed to be an elegant experience, especially in the evenings..Mixing and matching which cruise mavens talk about for me doesn't alway work and sadly I overpack...Wearing a nice pair of slacks with a dressy or simple top with jewelry in the evening gets me by. The casual/country club distinction is blurred...and for a man to wear a dark or white jacket for formal wear is fine..collared shirts also are great for the casual/country club discription...

Then fellow cruisers how about those men in speedos.. oh my G-d... their manhood sticking out and their fat bellies about that instead of the women you find offensive..
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