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Originally Posted by Nurse Debra View Post
I have not yet sailed Costa, but have been very much with the new and beautiful ships they have introduced.
The new ships do look very tempting to me.

I would be curious to know if anyone else who has such dire opinions of Costa, besides beenie weenie, has ever actually sailed on Costa.

The closest thing I could find was the second hand report from a "dear friend" and second hand hearsay, at least IMHO, is not much help.

Looking forward to Paul's report.

Perhaps we could get more comments from those who actually sailed on Costa!!!


You know Debra, in fairness to Costa... I have found that people who sailed them here in North America as opposed to Europe hold them in a somewhat higher regard. I may someday work up the nerve to try them on a Caribbean cruise. IF it is dirt cheap and it is going to some interesting ports, and I can bring Paul along so they treat us half way decently ( that was a joke). I think you are wise to really do your homework where this Cruiseline is concerned and have realistic expectations. I realize we all have our own tastes and standards. Things that are important to me, may not even be on your radar. The most important thing is that you get the very most our of your own cruise experience.

Read and post cruise reviews
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