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Originally Posted by Parrot Mom View Post
Have been too busy to read his updates.. plus I feel that Paul of Cruise Mates is known to the Costa Line as the Moderator of t his board...and thus all the little extra special attention.. As you say it's one of the first of their cruises.. It may be the Europeans are busy she felt were definetely treated as third class passengers..this from a woman who travels at the drop of a hat and always does.. whether a barge tour, a cruise or her last big adventure a three week trip to a spot I would never of imagined going to, because her friends wanted to see some ancient Temple dating back to 600..
Precisely! The cruise Paul is on, is one of the first for this ship, it is probably crawling with press, especially travel writers like Paul, and other people who favorable opinions can mean huge revenues to Costa, so of course I am sure Costa is putting their very best foot forward. I love reading Paul's daily updates I find it interesting and very enjoyable, but I would also be interested to see in 6 months if they are able to maintain the level of service Paul experienced over the first five days.

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