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Is there not a basic question here being confirmed? As passengers are passengers even if the same ones sailed on that ship for every week of its sailing season in whatever part of the world it happens to be in at the time!

So the ships staff want a constant turnaround of people that will every 7 days or so make up the wages or the "NON PAY" they DONT get from the line and to make the wages they promised when these people signed up to work there..

A really good post or point made as it just confirms how much the ordinary staff think or rely on "new blood" to make their income.

And thatís why I laugh so much when some folks get into the relationship with their waiter or room attendant of course they were nice,,,but just until they can say goodbye,,and next please

Familiarity does not make tips at the level these guys need and count on these days. Not saying they are not nice people, but they as well as the ship or the line are also running a business..people forget that.

Theyíve had your money, so donít need to see you back soon unless youíre gonna tip the same way again
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