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Some friends and I are about to book passage on Celebrity Summit leaving Puerto Rico in April and traveling to St. Thomas, St. Croix, St. Kits, Antigua and St. Lucia. I have never travelled on a ship before and am wondering if anyone can advise me on the number 1 thing to do and see in each of these ports. There are so many options in each port, but time is short and I do want to see as much as possible but also do some shopping. All in our group are over 45 so we aren't overly adventurous or into really strenuous activities but we aren't couch pototes either.
First, welcome aboard CruiseMates!

>> In St. Thomas, I strongly recommend the Champagne Catamaran Sailaway to St. John. The catamaran picks you up at the pier. The crew sets sail and starts serving beverages (soda, beer, rum punch, and champagne are available). Arriving at a pristine secluded beach, the crew drops the anchor, lowers a ladder into the water to provide access thereto, and doles out snorkel gear for those who wish to snorkel at a nearby reef. After a couple hours in the water (or on the beach), the crew prepares lunch onboard and the captain sounds the horn for lunch call. After lunch and more time for swimming and snorkeling, the crew sounds the horn again and prepares to set sail for the pier. The catamaran usually arrives at the pier between 3:00 and 3:15, so you can either return to the ship for afternoon tea or go shopping in the center next to the ship before the ship's departure.

>> In St. Kitts, the island tour that includes Brimstone Fortress and the Batik Factory is outstanding. Known as "the Gibraltar of the Caribbean," Brimstone Fortress played a vital role in the defense of the island. The Batik Factory makes cloth with very interesting, and very colorful, prints that are worth seeing for their artistic merit even if you are not a sewer, and the adjacent gardens are also well worth a visit.

>> In Antigua (pronounced "an-TEE-gah" as though there were no "u"), I highly recommend the excursion that goes across the island to Nelson's Dockyard. This facility, built by Lord Admiral Nelson as a facility to repair the fleet of the Royal Navy, presents an interesting insight into the methods of shipbuilding and repair of the time. Some of the shops have been converted into modern shops that produce outstanding wares, too -- you can buy excellent pasteries at the bake shop and various souveniers during your stay.

I don't have any specific recommendations for either St. Lucia or St. Croix, but perhaps other posters will.

Have a great cruise!

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