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Good things CAN Several years ago we were booked from Boston to Canada on the new NCL Sky Rev..remember when it had the accident? We heard from the grapevine the damage was much more serious than they were letting on... and a friend who was on that particular cruise couldnt stop raving about how wonderful NCL was.. She was bussed home (her option...she did not fly) and her $$ back, plus box lunches and booked a the largest cabin/suite possible on another NCK ship from NY to Bermuda... Our story was that NCL and V.O. continued to tell us that the ship would sale..Two days before leaving, the dog in the kennel and the bags packed.. they said no and instead told us to pick a cruise.(we had the name of a lovely lady at NCL). get the best price and they would take 50% off and upgrade us to whatever we wanted.. oh yes..we got our $$ back..Instead of a 7day cruise we ended up on a 14 day trans-canal on the Sky in a huge balcony cabin.. It's nice to see the cruise lines and their customer service in action. I held no ill will....