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Default Dismebarkation from Century & beverage package question

My boyfriend and I are planning to take a short cruise next month, and it turns out that the Century going to Key West and Cozumel is the best value right now... especially because I want to go back to those ports way more than I want to go to the Bahamas!

I've been tracking flights, trying to find the best price, which is difficult because we have to get back home before 5:30 pm the day the cruise gets back. We can fly from Atlanta to Miami, which is obviously more convenient for a Miami cruise, but it's more expensive than flying Atlanta to Fort Lauderdale. I'd like to try the latter, but I'm concerned about getting to FLL from the Port of Miami because I have no experience with Celebrity disembarkation. I've been on a Carnival cruise and a Royal Caribbean cruise and have self-disembarked on both, so we've gotten out plenty early.

How does Celebrity disembarkation usually work? Can we self-disembark? What is the absolute latest we might be stuck on the ship? What is the earliest flight you would safely book out of FLL? I'm contemplating a 1:30 flight, which seems pretty safe and would get us back just in time to get back home from Atlanta, but I'd rather hear from some people with experience getting off Celebrity ships.

Also, has anyone used SAS Transport from Port of Miami to FLL? Do they meet you at the ship, and can they get you back to FLL pretty quickly? It seems like that would be much better than going with a taxi, because otherwise the price savings for flying into FLL is eaten up with transportation costs.

Also, I read the thread about beverage packages and I've looked at the website with the prices, and I can't understand how the beer package would ever turn out to be a good value. How much are beers on the ship? It seems like you'd have to drink an awful lot of beer to break even. I also don't understand why the frozen drink package is so cheap-- unless it's for nonalcoholic frozen drinks. Maybe they just think someone can put away more beer than frozen drinks... but they would be wrong. Any other experience with the packages would be helpful. Thanks!
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