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Congratulations on being one of the winners on one of the propulsion failure cruises on one of the Celebrity Millennium class ships. Celebrity instituted this policy because they were aware that these Mclass ships were going to fail from time to time into the future. I am afraid that your experience and that of myself and so many others with Celebrity was totally different.

The story that you and a few others don't seem to like to mention is the fact that there have been far more passengers impacted with missed ports, itinerary changes, shortened port times, late departures and late arrivals, than those who "won" a free cruise on Celebrity, because of emergency dry dock to make repairs. I would much rather confine my gambling to the ship casino, rather than taking a chance on whether my ship will get to all of the scheduled ports or even sail at all.

Glad to hear that you were one of the winners, but keep in mind the perspective of the many thousands including myself, who on my Celebrity cruise missed more than half of a thirteen night Alaskan cruise because of this problem that has been going on for so many years.

On our POD cruise we were "generously" compensated $100 for this inconvenience. Oh yes, after passengers banded together to protest this blatant insult, Celebrity, was shamed into offering a 30% credit toward a future cruise booked at full rack price. After the whole ordeal of cover-ups and mis-statements on our cruise I decided not to ever put myself in such a position again and through my "discount" certificate in the garbage.

The folks on a Celebrity Millennium cruise this past spring on a cruise from Sidney to Auckland cruise encountered much the same treatment from Celebrity. They missed two ports and were offered $100 onboard credit for the "inconvenience". While, no doubt, very disappointed in Celebrity, these passengers did not even receive a future cruise certificate. While very few passengers are aware of the possibility of this problem happening, it still is no reason for some to want to just gloss over this problem which could impact anyone on the Celebrity Millennium, Infinity and Summit.

At the end of the day, knowledge is king and I only wish that I had been given the whole story about the recurring problems with these ships, so that I could have made an informed decision.

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