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I'm going to be interested in what others here report. I've heard second hand that cruise prices get discounted near sailing date for accomodations that have not been sold at that point. One argument in favor of booking a cruise late (inside 90 days of sailing) is the possibility of getting a good deal; on the other hand, trying to book at a late date can also leave you trying to pick a cabin that isn't there, 'cause it's already been booked. Said another way, the most desirable cabins are already booked.

A fellow at my brother's office cruises all the time, booking at the last minute. By now, he's getting all sorts of perks for repeat business on about three different cruise lines. But, I'm guessing cabin selection isn't a huge priority for him and his wife. Or, maybe he's lucky. Or, maybe he shops various ships until he finds cabin and price he is happy with.

The cruise I'll begin in about 10 days was booked about 60 days out. I was pleased with the price and with the cabine choice. But, since this is my first cruise, I don't know that my judgment on this means squat at this point. We'll see what kind of tune I'm whistling when the ship disembarks on the Feb 27.

Let's see what others relate.:o
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