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I am really glad you like Oasis - I knew it would be a hit. There were a lot of detractors before she sailed.

I AM curious about your Aqua Show experience. Did they do the show "Slip 'n Splash" (or some name like that - sorry). Or did they just do the one show Oasis of Dreams?

I agree about Hairspray - it is a bit long. Funny, because they have to pay big money for the rights to do the show, and it runs about 1:15. The average cruise show is 50 minutes.

But it is still very good - I wouldn't miss it just because it is long. The Ice Shows are great, too.

But the ship itself is the main thing. It is just a beautifully designed ship. I hope you all send us your cruise reviews.

Cruise reviews by cruisers like you.
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