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Cool Like us

In 1986 I think Parrot Pop and I had a chance to visit Macchu Picchu..when it was just opened up.. no five star luxury hotels, actually we stayed in Cuzco at a hotel that we got scabies On the trip we met an elderly and I mean elderly couple.. and we said.. "we want to be like you when we get old" was the year when the automatic SLR cameras came out and the poor man kept his finger on the button..taking so many pictures..oh, yes,this was a land trip and we drank coco leaf The first time somebody said "we want to be like you when we get older"...I was shocked.. whose old..Just the the other day at the hospital where i retired the joke is.. where have you been lately..and so many people said.. "we want to be like you'.. Manuel.. we started land trips 30 years ago...while we were working and became it's cruising although Parrot Pop is pleading for a land vacation somewhere warm before we cruise the Equinox in October.. He sadly now on a cruise walks with a rollator...but it gets us to where we are going...even.. oh when we did the Cinque Terre in Italy...he hasn't forgiven me yet.. walking through FIVE villages.. As far as I am concerned.. age is in the mind..and I refuse to acknowledge it..As for a good travel agent..find me one.. I do the work and they get the commission.. it frosts me no end.. How many cruises do we have left in us.. I dont know, but at 79 for him..I'm still planning.. and will be interested to see the itineraries for 2011..Celebrity, of course..