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At this point I think I have to point this out - I realize some of you don't want to hear ND's story, but I suggest you just skip over them. We don't practice censorship here at CM just because someone says something negative about a cruise line.

I also know that many people save a long time and select a cruise largely based on the itinerary. Many of those people read CruiseMates even if they do not post. In fact, for every post we have about 200 readers, on average, who never post. We have about 250,000 visitors/month to these boards. You can NOT go by what you see in the message boards and think that reflects our average visitor. The people who post here are generally far more experienced than the average reader.

Therefore, while it is fine for you to express your opinion that for you a pod problem is "minor" I feel that is a statement that only a devoted cruiser (loves sea days, for example) who does not care about the scheduled destinations would make. I am very experienced, yet I do care about destinations a great deal, especially if I have not seen them before, and were I to miss even one of them I would feel cheated. There are some ports I do not care about, but only because I have seen them many times.

The only time I do not care to see a port is if a ship is diverted for a hurricane. Why would I want to go to an island experiencing 120 mph winds?

The vast majority of our readers are NOT in the experienced category. They have only been on a few cruises and their itineraries are selected very carefully. As a professional cruise advisor (as a reporter) I feel fully responsible to tell people about potential problems that could affect their ability to see their desired ports.

That is why I have warned people over the years about health questionaire forms, hurricane season, norovirus and all other maladies that can affect your cruise and for which you may not have a recourse.

I asked about these ships - and I did not have an agenda. I merely asked for opinions because I knew they were getting dated. My original post was made before the refurbishments for these ships were announced.

I do think they are attractive ships. My concern was just their age. I was also curious about the state of the cuisine, entertainment, service, stateroom design (as ships age their staterooms get outdated and there isn't much you can do about it).

All opinions are welcome, and all opinions are equal. I am happy to hear from everyone but I also ask that you not judge one another. If someone says they think pod problems are minor I respect that opinion, and I also respect the opposite opinion.

Lets all please just remember that there is no right or wrong in your taste for cruising - there is only what is important to you. It's like the question "Is Oasis too big?" I don't think so, but a lot of people do. There is no right or wrong, it is a matter of taste. I think Oasis is a great ship, but if someone told me it was their first cruise and that exotic quiet destinations were important to them, I would recommend a smaller ship. That is only logical, as Oasis is a destination unto itself and its ports of call are fairly crowded.

There are many other aspects to these ships, lets all drop the pod thing in this thread, or else I will just lock the thread up. Thank you~!

And once again - those of you who are tired of hearing about the pods - do you think you are making things any better by making that comment over and over again? I brought this up once already. If she makes the comment and you ignore it gets far less mileage than when you make a state case out of it.