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Here are the facts as of right now. I called Celebrity Cruises at 2;00 their time to comment on the pods. I heard they were in the office. They did not call me back.

I dug up an article as recent as December 11, 2009 that distinctly says the pods are still as big a problem as they ever were.
Bearing Failure Sidelines Cruise Ship Again:

I have seen nothing from RCI that says they plan to fix the pods even though they have settled the case. I have found nothing to say ND is not correct about this issue.

No one here has shown me anything to say she is wrong. If she is correct then for as long as new people come to Cruisemates to ask about these ships she has every right to make her comments. You are not required to read them.

I am really saddened and disappointed that anyone here would not respect the fact that this pod situation is true by all appearances to date and that you are offended by that. Rolls Royce just agreed to pay RCL for these bad pods, and by all my research I see nothing to say they have ever been fixed.

In all good consciousness I suppose I would rather lose readers than have nothing but cheerleaders who don't want to hear anything negative about a cruise line. I thought you were the kind of people who wanted to share the whole truth and the best information possible.

Isn't this exactly what the whole "Royal Champions" flap was about? Do you really prefer to have biased, inaccurate advice given out and the truth censored?

At least I can say that if you come to me for cruise information I will give you the truth to the best of my knowledge. I would think that is what you want from a cruise web site.

Heaven forbid when you are planning your next cruise someone doesn't withhold vital information from you just because they are tired of talking about it. I also hope your doctor and and your financial advisers are more professional than you expect me to be in running a cruise information web site.

If happy talk is all you want no problem - I can ban everyone who ever said anything negative about any cruise line. Or do you prefer Celebrity to be the only line for which I have a double standard?