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Originally Posted by EMG View Post
P.S. When in St. Thomas.. You must visit Megan's Bay. I actually have a card from the Taxi Driver who took us on a tour of St.Thomas and dropped us off at MB..

We tend to not book excursions via the cruise ships because right outside the gates you can get the same exact excursions for a lot less money. Many people will talk about how "not good" doing that can turn out to be but I've never had any problems. Many times i'm on excursions with people from the ship and the only difference is, they've paid more.
When I went to Baja California on a cruise, we booked our own tour when we got off the ship. It was a very, very enjoyable experience, and much cheaper than Carnival's price, the best part was that lunch was included. But there's always that fear of "what if..." I don't want to miss the ship if something unexpected happens while on tour on my own.
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