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Thanks for the link to the article, Paul. That article may have been posted in December or '09 but it refers to Infinity being drydocked unexpectedly& a Hawaii cruise canceled.
"An embarrassingly long string of bearing failures got longer this week as Celebrity Cruises (a division of Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd.) was forced to cancel yet another important cruise due to a ship's propulsion system bearing failure.
The company's Millennium-class ship, Infinity, is heading to emergency dry dock as its scheduled Hawaii cruise is cancelled."

Inifinity did not sail to Hawaii in the fall of 2009. The article may have been posted in Dec. '09, but I suspect it was written some time ago.
According to Celebrity's site, Infinity had a Hawaii cruise cancelled for propulsion problems in 2005. Press Room Details Curious. All date references in the article are 2003, 2004, & 2005

Who wrote that article anyway? Who is NBK? Something is fishy here!

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