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Originally Posted by cruisingrandma View Post
I was told by the TA to keep checking as the cruise got closer to see if the price went down.
If you're using a TA they should be watching prices, although, admittedly, not as often as you can.Then to let them know and they would file the forms to get the lower price for us.
I've never heard of filing forms to get a lower price . My TA just gets on the phone and asks.
Now i look and its the senior discount that went way down. Well 4 of our 6 cabins are all seniors.
So now they are checking to see if we can get that price. Why werent we given that option when we booked.
You're right here for sure! You should have been given all the booking options.
Seeing as she asked our ages and how many of us were seniors. I am happy with my cost of the cruise. but when I was told to do this and then told months later not for you!! Well it makes me kind of mad. Also We cruise Carnival and all our group are all past cruisers with Carnival. Like I said. I am in great need of this cruise and I am all paid for the cruise. I jsut want what other people get when they are offered this in the beginning of setting up there cruises. I have every intentions of loving every minute on the Freedom and I never let anything ruin my cruises. I work very hard for them. (By the way... I just lost my job last week due to the economy.)
So sorry .
The business has closed down. Great country we live in takes care of the big wigs and the small business can jsut go under. So if I seem to be a little testy. Well I am right now. I am like so many people in this country too. So i am just trying to make the most of this cruise. I will be cruising with close family and having a great time with them all. Happy cruising to everyone!
I know you'll have a great time, no matter what, but I also understand your frustration. IMHO, you might want to change TA's after this cruise.
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