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Morning Manuel, and Happy Valentines Day to you and all other CruiseMates out there!
It is a fairly nice Feb. day out there, only -3C or 26F, and the sun is struggling to shine through the haze.
Had a great day yesterday at the Winter Carnival, playing games in the snow,
then I came home to play in my own snow, building an "Inuksuk" in my front yard.
If you don't know what an Inuksuk is, it is the little rock figure that is the logo or symbol of the Vancouver Olympics. It is usually made by the Inuit out of large stones, and used as direction markers or greetings.
Mine is wearing a red hat, and waving a Canadian flag at passing motorists.
I have a picture, just not loaded yet, but maybe by tomorrow....

No exciting plans today, just cleaning and shopping, and hopefully relaxing with a good book.
Hope you all have a nice Valentines Day with your loved ones...

oops, must have posted at the same time as Sue....sorry you've got the "Crud" Sue, hope you're feeling better soon!


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