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Good Morning CruiseMates!

I want to wish all my sweethearts here a Happy Valentines Day! We all just finished handing out cards and candy and it is a cold but festive morning here in Indiana.

I am happy that I found a new wetsuit yesterday, tonight is the first of my confined water dives. I am very excited. I need to go out in the garage and get my fins snorkel and mask out of the cruise suitcase and I ought to have about everything I need then.

I was just amazed how busy the candy store was. This year, everyone got sugar free chocolate. We've all be doing really well trying to eat healthy. I didn't want to give anyone something that would ruin their good behavior. With the advent of sugar alcohol based sweeteners, there are some really good tasting sugar free chocolates out there, but if you overindulge you will get a very urgent and unexpected trip to the bathroom, so it definitely teaches you portion control when enjoying your sweets .

I also made it into Trader Joes and bought a case of wine and a ton of goodies that just aren't available out here in the boonies where we live. I love that store. I restocked my Boursin Cheese supply (Darn NCL Jewel for getting me hook on that stuff) every day, an hour or two before dinner, I'd go into the buffet and get myself some Boursin and a bunch of veggies and bread to spread it on to and have a wonderful appetizer. I love it.

In a bit I will make some breakfast for the tribe. Looks like we'll have stir fry for lunch and for dinner we'll have Pork Roast Florentine stuffed with cheese, spinach and roasted peppers. Maybe I can throw some Boursin on top .

Well I hope you all have a wonderful day! Prayers going up for those of you in need. Hang in there!

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