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A very sincere Happy Valentines Day to all of my CruiseMates! Our feline children made a Valentines Day card for their mother but it looks kinda' strange. The ink cartridge ran about of some colors! Ah well, she loved it anyway.

The sun is shining gloriously outside the sun room windows. I only recall it being "out" but a few short minutes most of the past week. Alas it presages another round of snow for this part of upper East Tennessee. Right now they're calling for 3-5 Inches and if one or two inches can close the schools for a week, I guess the kids will be going back sometime after Easter!

So good to see AR's post on another thread.

Sounds as if I won't be alone being glued in front of the TV for a few hours today watching all the boys charging around Daytona, right Sue? Thankfully my adored Valentine understands. Shortly it'll be time for a quick trip to the grocery to pick up some items for Sunday din-din and also sour cream for more of my "Vanderbilt" dip. Also got to remember to bring up some more Sam Adams Octoberfest from the basement. Gosh, it's so satisfyiny that the gool 'ol USA is now turning out some truly drinkable beer!

Today's big meal will consist primarily of lemon pepper chicken roasted on my Ron Popeil rotisserie that we haven't used in a while. The chicken will be accompanied by dressing and cranberry sauce. Think I might also have steamed brussel sprouts drowned in butter. I feel as if I have to build up my cholesterol! To continue along that same vein, I get all of the crispy chicken skin as well. Yep, it's shaping up to be a wonderful day!

Prayers naturally continue for those on the list. Also a request for God's multitudinous Blessing on all `o you'uns.

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