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Good morning everyone:

Betty let me sleep late today since I had a rough night. My right arm is killing me and I finally had to take a Dilauded around 4:00 a.m.. I can't take codeine so my doctor has no problem giving me a script for it. I promised I wouldn't sell them.

Been playing with the kids this morning and we'll go to the movies around 2:00. Depending on how I feel I may or may not go with.

Betty loved her Valentine's present. I will too. Our friend, who is a chocolatier, made her a three pound assortment of chocolate covered nuts and different caramels. The grandkids have already had three pieces each so I'm hiding in the bedroom while they continue to bounce off the walls downstairs.

She was equally as thoughtful and bought me a card and promised that she'd cook for me. Gee: I thought Valentine's Day was a day to express your "love" not torture your mate.

I hope all have a wonderful day and enjoy the upcoming week.

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