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Travel around Bermuda is inexpensive and easy by bus or ferry. You don't have to pay for excursions unless there is something special you want to do. If you dock at Kings Wharf you can buy a ferry/bus pass for several days and take the bus to all of the popular beaches (Horseshoe bay, Tobacco bay, etc.), there is shopping village right off the ship and the tip of the Bermuda triangle is in the clock building. You can take the bus to the caverns or the ferry to St. George which is a quaint little town and from there walk to the perfume factory, St. Catherine's beach or take a horse and buggy ride. We go to Bermuda just to enjoy the beaches. We already left the ship at Kings Wharf and picked it up at Hamilton because it moved during the day. You can also have the Bermuda Bureau of Tourism send you a packet of maps and information (if they still mail it). Enjoy your trip to Bermuda.
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