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Originally Posted by planb View Post
I have just had surgery and called Princess and they gave me a fax number to fax my request and give the reason as to why I need an egg crate. I questioned why couldn't just ask when there and was informed that they do not bring as many on board anymore and they will go to those who have pre- advised them and if they had a valid reason for one. Seemed odd, but called a second time just to check and was advise the exact same information. Hope this helps.
planb, I have to say that what they told you does seem odd. If you really need an egg crate, I'd suggest you board as early as possible, find your Room Steward and request one. I do find the answers you got to be unreliable. You might be better off to buy an egg crate at a discount store, bring it on board and then leave it, if you really need it.
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