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Originally Posted by DayvidB View Post
I am, it has a certain Italian reputation, loud, and mad from what I heard. I could never see myself booking a cruise with them. How different are they to the lines like RCI or Princess or Celebrity.

They seem a gamble
I have travelled on ALL the cruiselines. What are you afraid of? We used Costa last fall on the Easten Med cruise. We choose them because we wanted to have something different, is'nt that why you are going to Europe. We did'nt find people any ruder than what happens on anyship. If you want your cruise then pay more and go on Princess or RCCL but you will have the same old tiring experience, you may think you're in the Caribbean or some other North American place. I posted my review on The Costa Mediterrena Nov 11/09 cruise read for yourself.
It's too bad people want to have everything the same as home. I ask why are you travelling anyways, if you're so unhappy because something goes wrong stay at home. I look at it this way when something doesn't go just right oh well chill!
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