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Originally Posted by Katzenjammer View Post
I have been to Europe on other cruise lines like Princess and Oceania.

I have been noticing some of the GREAT deals on Costa, as low as $799 for a 7-day cruise.

But is Costa a good ship for Americans when in Europe?

And what about the possibility of bringing some younger kids? I have heard that they speak English but I am worried about the kids programs. Are they going to be ignored because they speak English?

If not Costa - what would you recommend for kids in Europe?
I'm not sure of the kids programs but they seemed to have a good time on our ship.
If you want everything to be the same as home stay home. Not all cruiselines are the same and this one in European. You may only fine 50 or so english speaking passengers on board like we did but it was fun anyways we meet people we never would have meet on Princess or the others . Have fun
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