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:-D "Which elevator do I take to get to the front of the ship?"
Any of them will work...simply hit forward.
"Does the ship generate its own electricity? "
no we have a REALLY long electrical cord ! ;-)
"Why do the inside staterooms not have windows?"
Yours will be installed tonight...while you sleep.
"What do they do with the ice carvings after they melt?"
Oh we only use special ice which reforms as a sea-horse when it is frozen. That way we only have to shape it once.

"Is this island completely surrounded by water?"
No all these islands form one land mass, the water is an optical allusion.

"The photos in the photo gallery do not have stateroom numbers on them, so how do we know which ones are ours?"
actually those photos of you are not for sale. We send them to the government department of covert surveillance.

"Has this ship ever sunk?"
Tomorrow will be the first and only mean you didn't know that when you booked?

"Is it fresh water or salt water in the toilet? "
mine did taste a bit salty this morning.
"Does the crew sleep onboard? "
oh no, we are great swimmers...we commute.;-)
"What time is the Midnight Buffet?"
For up at 2am.
"Do the movies on the TV come via satellite or cable?"
a truly long TV cord.
"Do these stairs go up, or down?"
these are twilight zone stairs, they also go into the 4th & 5th dimension.
"What is the elevation of the ship? "
where you are standing .,..about 6 decks.

Public address announcement on the second night of a seven-night cruise: "If anyone is driving a green Taurus with Virginia License BVK-743, you left your lights on."

Say "darn..excuse me please"...then leave for 5 minutes and return ..."oh man that was close, but the battery still harm done".:-D
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Read and post cruise reviews

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