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The inaugural is well worth the $$ We did the Oasis Dec 5th and albeit it was my 1st cruise the vibe on the boat was electric!! We were wined and dined and catered to every whim. Even though there were a few glitches with the aqua theatre, we had luckily watched the 'preview' show before the technical problems and got to catch 90% of the whole show.

My favorite lines of the cruise:
"welcome aboard the Oasis, please purell your hands"
"Would you like a glass of champagne?"
walk 5 feet, drop empty glass on a table turn the other way
"Welcome aboard, champagne?"
and repeat a 1/2 dozen times!

Needless to say I already have the itch to book again and if the Allure was an eastern i'd already be reserved...

The weather was amazing in December, almost magical leaving Fort Lauderdale in the drizzly rain only to have the sun shining and the 95 deg heat by the time we woke up the next morning.

Best thing about the Oasis... you don't gain those dreaded cruise lbs - you walk enough that you'll probably lose weight :-)
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