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Originally Posted by Fern View Post
What a refreshing comment from someone who apparently hasn't read or participated in the Great Tip Debate .

Thanks Riv,
I think I stumbled across that one, read a few of the posts, and moved on to something else helpful for my first cruise.

I guess I see tipping differently because of my experiences as a young man, working for tips. Tips were not "bonuses." They were the bulk of my wages, and for waiters today (and, I expect, the service people on a ship), they're still a big part of their wages. So, I take care to tip these people according to the customary rate. I've been where they are, and I know that a conventional tip is appreciated, and that a more than conventional tip really boosts more than wages -- morale, for example.

I just got back from the barber and noticed that haircuts are going up $2 on March 1. So, I'll pay $2 more and tip as usual (which in this case is 30%). It's worth it for this barber! I never have to tell him what to do (he remembers the picky things I ask for), he's fast, and he's an excellent craftsman with clippers and scissors.
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