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Cool Bermuda

Paul, if there is one thing I know it's Bermuda.. The island is only 19 miles wide and there are beaches all over the place. Having been to many of the Caribbean islands I can tell you when I get off the ship in Bermuda ..I'm home.. The people actually like and don't resent cruisers, they go out of their way to help you. There is a great bus and modern ferry system. Some of my favorite stores on Front Street are can do many excursions yourself like going to the Crystal Caves, Aquarium/Zoo. The one negative is that dining in Bermuda is expensive.. Charming St. George only has a few ships coming in because of the "split". the ships are too large and the split has been cut a few times already. The Dockyard has been developed with the help of NCL and a few other cruise lines and from my first cruise there with Royal Majesty has developed into a wonderful tourist area. Don't know how many ships are now docking on Front Street but it's no worse than being docked in Nassau or the other Caribbean islands like St. Thomas..Being English I love the fact that when Bermudians get on a bus they say "Good Morning" to the driver and thank him/her when they get off. Children get up from their seat and give a seat to an adult..yes, they do.. And as we say in Bermuda... "Have a Bermudaful day"
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