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Cool Bermuda

It is because of the split.. two rocks/boulders that the ships have to go through and because they are sending larger and larger ships to Bermuda they will not cut it further.. Bermuda is pretty strict on the amount of passengers etc. allowed there at one time.. As for the mopeds, the cruise ships beg passengers not to rent one. The "dirty secret" in Bermuda is the amount of severe injuries that even a helmet won't help..On our last cruise on the way back to Boston was somebody in a wheelchair, broken arms and road tan.. There were two ambulances waiting at the pier in Boston.. Sadly, it's not all tourists who are having accidents.. The government is asking scooter rental companies to make sure the renters know how to operate the scooters. One of the shops I did major damage to my credit card, I would talk to the Manager.. he was definetely against cruisers because they didn't spend $$$..Frankly I did my share in his famous shop buying english collectibles..
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