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Originally Posted by jefarl View Post
i posted this on another section but hoping someone out there knows about NCL......

We have taken many cruises but this time we invited our DS, DIL and there 11 month old. Never been on a cruise with a baby and don't recall seeing many either.
1. Is it somewhat normal to bring babies on cruises? I wouldn't say it's "normal", but some people do bring their babies. Usually I suggest that they leave the baby with Grandma, but since you're Grandma... . (Could the other Grandparent's take the baby during the cruise?)

2. does the line provide cribs? We are going on the NCL Jewel I think they provide pack-n-plays.
3. is there baby sitting available if we want it? Not really for little babies. If you have a female Room Steward and you like and trust her you might want to ask her to babysit for extra $$$. (I wouldn't, but that's just me.)
4. can you take a baby into the shows? As Trip said, yes, but please take the baby out if it's at all fussy. Some people are so used to their sweetie's noise that they forget that it's very aggrevating to other people! Unlike Trip, we have had issues with this !
5. any other information/suggestions would be appreciated...
Again, like Trip, I'd be sure there's a family babysitter available all the time, just to cover everything.
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